What Should be the Ideal Length of a Blog Post for SEO?

Ideal Length of a Blog Post for SEO

The length of the blog plays a vital role in determining the SEO ranking. An inappropriate blog length will not help you get better visibility based on SEO algorithms. Many factors complement the length of the blog, like the use of keywords, the frequency of those keywords, how many times those keywords have been searched on Google, the hyperlink of the blog, etc. Sometimes it gets very confusing for a person to decide what should be the appropriate length of the blog and how it can be presented to get a better ranking on a search engine. Here we have a great version of the SEO content writing strategy explained for simple and easy use of SEO to boost your business.

Multiple factors can help you decide the length of your blog. The main elements are mentioned below:

  1. The content and type of post.

The length of the blog largely depends on what type of content you are providing. You need to understand the best presentation strategy in writing content.

News blogs are factual. They are neither short nor long. News blogs depend on the information made available from trusted sources. There is no need to add more to the blog or cut out useful information. Users prefer to read precise and correct news. It does not bother if the article’s length is largely provided that the information provided is authentic and not elongated.

Similarly, tech reviews also write detailed reviews about smartphones and other gadgets. The content length can vary based on the smartphone’s features, merits, and demerits.

You need not provide unnecessary information in the blog which is irrelevant to the topic about which the blog is concerned.

  1. What Google needs?

Always focus on the title of the blog. The blog’s length can be ignored compared to a catchy title. Use relevant keywords which have been widely searched in your blog to improve the ranking and visibility of the blog. Generally, long content blogs get preference over short content blogs because many impactful keywords rightly fit into the content. The ideal length for a long blog is between 1000 to 2000 words.

Google recently released Search Quality Elevator Guidelines, which detail the content length. Although it has not provided a set word count, it has offered many other guidelines to make a blog length effective.

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