Paul Petersen

Tips For Composing In Black And White 

If there is a type of photography that deserves a particularly careful composition, this is undoubtedly black and white photography. Why? Very easy, because the colour is one more compositional element with much more force and visual impact than we are often aware of. By stripping colour images, we lose a lot of compositional strength, which we […]Read More

What is a Trojan horse? Everything you need to know

All of us are aware of the story of Trojan Horse from the war. The Trojan horse is the same that affects your business. It hacks into your system and breaks away everything.  The Trojan horse is a massive horse from the Greek story. The wooden horse entered the city of Troy as a secret […]Read More

5 Tips to Enhance Your Linux VPS Performance

A VPS is designed to be a high-performing, secure, and reliable server for web hosting. Also, if we compare Windows and Linux as the operating system for the VPS, Linux offers better server management options. Hence, it is no surprise that in recent years, many websites have turned to Linux VPS Hosting as their preferred […]Read More

Key financial things you need to know about startups (Must

People who start businesses are usually creative and highly-skilled in their core business but rarely have correspondingly advanced skills in financial management. Consequently, the start-up phase can be dangerous for businesses that don’t have the right processes and protections in place. Startups can be fragile as they depend on winning new business and keeping costs […]Read More