A Reliable Networking Solution For Your Business

 A Reliable Networking Solution For Your Business

As the corporate world is getting more and more competitive, it is always essential to stay ahead in the marketplace and ensuring that every penny counts. This essentially means to make the most out of your efficient technological investments, while also making sure that your employees have access to the business tools and the necessary information. This technology has to be fast and reliable to ensure optimum results. With the help of Cisco SG350 POE, you can have a strong network that is capable of helping your business grow.

What Is The Need Of A Cisco SG350 POE?

For every minute that your employees have to wait on the network to get access to a piece of certain information or business tool, it can affect the profit margins of your business. The Cisco 350 series is a major help in providing a stronger foundation to your business. These switches are highly capable of delivering excellent features like improving the availability of significant business tools, optimizing the network bandwidth to deliver applications and information much more efficiently.

It is also capable of offering optimum protection to your information which may be sensitive while offering an affordable solution.

What Are The Business Applications And Networks That Can Be Set up With It?

·        Integrated Connection:

With the help of the Cisco 350 series, you can achieve an excellent managed network solution. It is capable of offering advanced data handling solutions that can majorly boost network efficiency and the advanced traffic-handling capabilities make it an excellent business solution.

·        Wireless Connectivity:

With a Cisco SG350 POE, you can efficiently add a wireless system that is in line with the business-grade into your business network. It offers advanced security elements including Auto Smartports, QoS, VLAN, Power over Ethernet along with access control features.

·        Desktop Connections are Secure:

One of the key features of the switch is that it can very easily help the employees to connect to the network very securely. With the help of an efficient connection, the performance level of the servers also goes high. Moreover, it also boosts the speed of file transfer and thus improving the uptime and keeping your employees connected and productive at all times.

What Are The Features Of The Cisco Series?

The time needed to install, troubleshoot and manage the network is reduced considerably by the easy-to-use graphical interfaces which helps you to utilize sophisticated capabilities without any complication.

With the help of Auto Smartports Intelligence, whenever a new network device is connected to any port, the switch can automatically configure the best possible security settings, availability of the port as well as the quality of service.

The guest VLAN feature of Cisco SG350 POE enables you to offer internet connectivity to the non-employees but strictly bars the critical business servers from the guest traffic.

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