9 Tools and Tips to Train Your Remote Workforce in 2021

Employee training is crucial to a company’s growth and development. Nowadays, many companies have started to invest money in employee training. These companies have crossed $370.3 billion dollars in such training and it has been helpful for employee satisfaction, productivity and retention. These tools and tips can help in training remote teams amidst the COVID-19 situation in 2021.

  1. Zoom meet conferencing – Sometimes, pre-recorded videos are not very useful for training employees as many would not take the time to watch it. So live training sessions through Zoom video conferencing.
  2. WalkMe – Adopting a digital platform can help in training employees in a better manner than conventional training. This is best for remote employees.
  3. Slack – Communication within remote employees is also an essential part of training them. Hence exchange of information between employees creates an intellectual environment and helps in the company’s development. You can find image source in their websites to know more.
  4. iSpring – This helps in creating interactive assessments and courses for employees to develop scenario based solutions to problems.
  5. Trello – This is extremely helpful to track the trainings of employees. It helps in training remote employees through a common online portal. It is also very useful for project management and skill development in employees.
  6. Degreed – It is a learning portal which will give a picture of the existing skill sets the employees have. It can offer courses to your remote employees which will restructure or upskill the employees existing skills. They provide a number of content pathways that employees can go through in order to add to their skills. You can explore all the options that they provide to get a wider view of your company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Google Wordspace – It is a great productivity suite that helps in remote development and employee training. It allows employees and companies to store learning materials in the cloud form and help in retaining whenever they want to refer to it.
  8. Zoho – This tool also helps in running training workshops for your remote employees with ease. The courses offered are self-paced and are on demand training sessions which could be really helpful and beneficial for your employees.
  9. Biz Library – It is an online library that has massive content on training and covers wide range of topics on leadership, management, sales, workplace safety, software skills and information technology. The resources available here can be very helpful for all remote employees.