The Use of the Human resource for the Best wealth Formula

 The Use of the Human resource for the Best wealth Formula



Human resource management produces great value for the organization when using good HR practices. Activities range from recruitment and training to employee compensation.

Technological development

Technological development is part of the support sector and acts to keep activities running according to standards. This is where research and development (R&D), automation of production processes, design takes place, among other areas. 


The purchasing sector is responsible for acquiring the materials necessary for the development of the works. Its value is in the negotiation with suppliers and in the search for quality machines with a good price.

How to apply the value chain

The analysis of the value chain allows the need for improvements in some sectors to be identified. To better understand your application, see the tips below. The visit to is important here.


Primary subactivities

The first step in mapping the value chain is to identify the subactivities of each primary activity. Thus, it is possible to determine which ones generate value. There are direct activities (create their own value), indirect activities (allow direct activities to work perfectly), and quality assurance activities (ensure that both activities follow standards). 

Support subactivities

Here it is necessary to identify the sub-activities for each support activity. An example of this is to analyze how HR can create value in the area of ​​inbound logistics, operations, etc. You must also identify the activities that generate value for your business infrastructure.


The next step is to be able to find connections between all the valuable activities that were identified in the process. These connections are an important part of increasing competitive advantage.


After identifying the connections and subactivities, it is time to make the improvements. This will require many changes, such as the implementation of management software , but it will also be essential to improve internal processes and generate even more value.

How a technological solution can help

Mapping the value chain can be a laborious process, and a business management system can be of great help. It is a solution that fits the needs of your company, in addition to assisting in management and organization. This technology also allows total control of administrative or financial activities.

The balance between supply and demand is a constant state of flow. However, it is not far from the truth that the supply has been growing steadily in various industries, faster than the demand. As the market gets more saturated with each passing day, consumers are becoming more pretentious and harder to convince that you will provide the value they are looking for. Fortunately, Lean has a way to stay ahead of the competition by visualizing and improving the value chain you are delivering to your customers.


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