Why Mostly Android Developers Consider Flutter App Development


As a custom mobile app development company, we know how important it is to consider your options when it comes to the wide world of app development. When it comes to Flutter app development, Android developers generally consider the platform to be one of the best services to develop their work with. One key factor to note is that both Android and Flutter are developed by Google, making their collaboration very easy to understand!

Before we get into the precise reasons why Flutter is considered when it comes to app development, let’s look at some interesting facts that independent developers and many custom android app development companies are all familiar with.

Android app development was started before being bought by Google in 2005. From there, the first SDK of Flutter was launched in 2017. With the start of both Android and Flutter in mind, some detailed facts about the service include:

  • Developers both inside and outside of Google use Flutter to create apps.
  • Flutter is open source, featuring packages that make use of Google’s own programming language.
  • There are 200 million+ users across Flutter created apps.
  • There are 3,000+ Flutter apps on Google’s Playstore.
  • Flutter can be used to create both Android and iOS apps.

Since its launch in 2017, Flutter has quickly grown to be a considerable app development service. Developers working at an iOS application development company can make use of Flutter just as well as those working at a custom Android app development company. So with all this in mind, why do most Android developers consider Flutter app development company?

Same Language

When working with Flutter, developers at a custom Android app development company can use a single language for the backend and front layout. Flutter has a reactive framework that utilizes a single language for the backend, pushing the need to get references to widget to the wayside.

Productivity Boost

Android app development platforms that might be used by a custom mobile app development company can often take a long time to develop an application. Flutter has useful features like “Hot Restart” that are able to work around this problem. Developers are able to check changes within an app in a much shorter time via Flutter.

UI Elements Unique to Flutter

When developers, whether independent or at a custom Android app development company, work on the front-end; much of their time is spent developing the UI. The Flutter UI engine comes with a framework that features documentation, drawing, printing, and power features of animation. With a large engine that contains a wide variety of widgets as well.

Low-Cost App Development

Whether you are a developer at an iOS application development company or a custom Android app development company, anyone can appreciate low-cost app development. Flutters allows developers to create cross-platform applications if they wish to for all operating systems, only needing one codebase. This stands opposite to native apps that need application specific coding for each platform you might be looking to put the app onto.

When it comes to Flutter, the app development service stands as an open-source platform that developers, independent or at a custom mobile app development company, can make use of. It is a platform that is competing with other frameworks and really giving both large and small brands power in their cross-platform and Android-specific apps across the board.

If you are interested in moving forward with a custom Android app development company that has an experienced team, feel free to reach out to Split Reef! Our team is more than ready to move forward with any kind of Android app development project you might have in mind.