Best Video Player Apps to Try for iPhone in 2020

If you want to play videos on your smartphone, you would require the best media player for Mac which supports various file formats of video. However, there is numerous third-party video player software that can be used on the iPhone. These apps offer a lot of features that can improve your movie-watching experience. However, a large number of options can sometimes make it very confusing to select the best video playing app. Some of the well-known apps are enlisted below:


Improve your experience of watching videos on the iPad with this excellent video playing app known as the OPlayerLite. It supports several formats, the media playing app has numerous features which are the reason why it can be your most liked app. Some of the users might find the interface of this app to be a little tricky, but it allows you to get access to all features on one screen which implies to the fact that you need not pause the video as well as pressing buttons to access settings.

Features of OPlayerLite: 

  • The app is supportive of http, ftp, rtp, mms, streams, samba, stsp, etc.
  • It allows you to play the videos in a backdrop dissimilar to the rest of the iPhone video players.

Infuse 6

The Infuse 6 by Firecore is mandatory to be added to this list of the top-rated video playing apps because of its specifications and consistent services throughout the past years. This video player has the potential of playing several different formats of video without any interruption. It also supports subtitles and AirPlay and can be used for streaming videos from internet-connected devices.

Features of Infuse 6: 

  • This app can sync with the trakt which permits tracking TV as well as the movies you watch.
  • It can let you play the videos of various file formats without any lag.


For those searching for a video player for iPhone that is supportive of 4k videos then the KMPlayer is the best option. It provides you a flawless video watching experience as you don’t have to worry about the file format and video encoding since it is supportive of different formats. The user can play the videos directly from the cloud storage as well as network services. It also has an easy user interface that comes with a lot of unique features.

Features of KMPlayer:

  • It allows gesture functioning for high-speed playback of video and volume control.
  • Network services such as Google Drive, FTP, and Dropbox are supported.

For the ones who are in search of the best video player for your iPhone, we recommend you to download this app without any delay. These video playing apps are assured not to disappoint you.