Which Industries You Will Find Adopting AI Like a Boss

If you are a person who is into technology, then I’m assuming your favor movie genre is “sci-fi”. This is because the particular genre shows you the content that you want to see even though it is not real. 

Still, it serves its purpose of entertaining you and fulfilling your desire to gain knowledge, and ideas about technology. In today’s time, no matter what you do, you are interacting with technology one way or another. 

However, each and every one of your activities or interactions are with different levels of technology. Throughout the day, you may interact with computer, laptop, smartphone, calculator, or any other device. All these devices are based on technology where intelligence plays a key role.

Expansion of Artificial Intelligence

With the majority of the devices you interact with, there is some sort of artificial intelligence fed into them. However, it depends how old, new, and advanced of a product you are interacting with. 

The sci-fi movies tend to take the artificial intelligence (AI) to a wholly new level. However, what you see in the movies can be made possible in years to come. For now, it is all about the world getting used to the AI technology. 

When people start using it, they will start realizing the flaws and needs that have to be fixed/fulfilled when using them. For now, you won’t see many sectors in the world directly interacting with artificial intelligence. 

However, you will be surprised that there are sectors you wouldn’t even have imagined that are adopting the technology

Let me talk about some of these industries that you’ll be surprised to learn that are bringing the AI technology into their daily use:


Retail is among the industries that have put the AI technology to good use within their sector. They are using the AI technology for multiple purposes. Some of them include supply chain management, financial forecasting, office tasks, customer attrition, client segmentation, employee scheduling, and so much more. The industry is also using AI in the customer support sector with automated solution providing responders. Kiosks are also proving to be a great help for the retail sector as well as customers in the form of self-servicing.


This is something you have witnessed in the movies as well where the cars, planes, and any other locomotives operate on their own. Over time, the AI technology is growing more advanced and complex in a good way. Machine learning is one of the major components within the transportation sector. It is responsible for the composition of autonomous software and technologies that when integrated with vehicles, are able to drive them automatically. Now, there are several automobile companies such as Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, and many more that are working on autonomous vehicles through the integration of AI technology.

Finance Sector

The financial sector itself has grown really vast due to the adoption of the AI technology. Now, major companies from around the world are using super computers in order to solve difficult equations and problems. Then there are financial transactions that the financial firms are able to track and monitor. The AI technology is helping the finance sector by acquiring enormous amount of data from the systems and then organize them as per the companies’ needs.

Most importantly, the financial trading sector is now using trading bots that need no human input to perform trades. People now make deposits and let the bots run the show based on the complex algorithms and artificial intelligence.


It is only a matter of time all other industries from around the world will start recognizing the potential of the AI technology. Once it is adopted, it will be polished, and perfected, which may indeed time to achieve. However, once it is achieved, the AI technology you watch in the movies will eventually become reality.