Unagi (E500) – Most Wanted E Scooter of Today

Inflation is bringing more e-scooters interested persons into the market, which include men, women and children of all ages. It is not just the aspects of great convenience and non-consumption of fuel which is attracting more and more e-scooter buyers. In fact, e-scooters are now in fashion and trending almost every part of the world. So read our review of some of the finest e-scooters in the market that one can buy in very affordable rates.

Average Price Range

Before proceeding on to the discussing the features of Unagi (E500), it is essential to mention an average price for such scooters. Usually, the price range of a good quality and reliable e-scooters starts somewhere around US$ 250 and goes to a price range of US$ 2,000. In some cases, the price range has even gone beyond US$ 2,000 because more spending will mean additional features. 

Let us now move on to read about specifications and benefits of world’s most wanted e-scooters. For the purposes of this determination of which particular e-scooter is the best, we have relied on public reviews for our findings. Based on the public choice and their reviews, E500 model of e-scooter produced by Unagi is undoubtedly the world’s best. 

Unagi Model One (E500)

According to users, they have tested and driven several e-scooters and majority of them suggested that Unagi’s E500 is the best in the market. This electrical scooter is a two-wheeler and each wheel has its very own power supply motor. Because of the two separate motors, this futuristic looking scooter becomes a powerful beast allowing it to smoothly cruise up the hill. It comes in various colours and is quite convenient in controlling and using it. It has built-in lights at the front and back.

If we talk about its price range, then considering its features, reliability, durability and design, Unagi E500’s price is nothing. It can be easily bought online at a price range of US$ 900, however, at some places, it could be bought cheaper than US$ 900. 

It weighs just under 27 pounds and needs at least 250-watt of electricity for charging. It comes with rubber tries of 7.5 inches which can withstand any particular environment i.e. hot, humid and even extremely cold weather. With a single charge, Unagi E500 can easily cover a distance of 15 miles approximately. The top speed of E500 is 15 miles per hour which is quite sufficient for a scooter. 

So the only backdrop of Unagi is that it is not suitable for persons who used to cover a bit long distances. For example, Segway NinebotKickscooter Max is considered to be the number one competitor of Unagi E500. Which though is a slight bigger than E500 yet, range-wise Segway’s Max can go double the distance of E500 which is about 40 miles at least.  

Bottom Line

For school-going teenagers and kids, Unagi E500 is undeniably the best choice based on public review because it is safe and quite affordable. Always give priority to safety first and the features later.