Why Should You Opt for E5 Dedicated Servers?

VPSMalaysia servers play a great deal in helping you enjoy individual server benefits even while staying under a physical server and have their operating system and could reboot on its own too. Your information would be safe which sometimes might not be the case for shared hosting. With E5 dedicated server, you would be getting 24×7 dedicated service at great prices. They are flexible and are cost-efficient.

A few real-world applications where you would see E5 dedicated servers doing exceptional work would be data backup, reseller hosting, MT4 account hosting, software development, website traffic rerouting, and application and website hosting.

What Does It Offer?

There are several things you would get to enjoy with a dedicated E5 server using premium technology.

Optimized Data Security

Every day you get to hear about cyber-attacks where they erase loads of data or even hack into your system and create chaos. The world of technology is using different means to ensure that cyberattacks could be brought down. And, with E5 dedicated service, you get that and a lot more. VPSMalaysia comes with a pre-installed firewall and intrusion detection system and therefore, you know your data is safeguarded from any cyber-attacks or anything malicious of the virtual world.

You Never Have To Think About Storage

The combination of NAL-SAS and SSD is all you need to use it to its maximum potential. With huge storage capacity and high speed and supported security, you know and can enjoy peace of mind by making the right choice.

Enjoy Super-Fast Read and Write

Hardware RAID has made all the difference when it comes to storage and also faster-mirroring speed. Making the right choice is vital to enjoy uninterrupted services.  You get to enjoy data redundancy, storage moveability and flexibility, and a lot more. When data is your lifeline, hot-swapping provides a solution immediately for a faulty hard drive. You do not have to restart your dedicated server for that.

World Class Infrastructure

When you are using a dedicated server, you require help from professionals to use it. But for that, you require world-class infrastructure as well. And, this is what E5 dedicated https://www.vpsmalaysia.com.my/dedicated-server-e5/ server would be providing you with along with zero fault tolerance RAM.

It keeps your mission-critical data safe. These are some of the reasons why many are opting for it and how you could benefit from it with a  plethora of advantages mentioned above.