Understanding the Web Accessibility Gap with AccessiBe

As per reports released by the CDC, there is one in every four adults has some form of physical disability. This implies that 20% of the total population cannot access about 98% of the USA’s total 350 million active business websites. This disproportion is called the “web accessibility gap.”

More inaccessible sites are made daily, and this is what is making this gap increase. The key reason for its growth is that owners of businesses are taking the cost-effective route by creating their sites with templates that never have the goal of web accessibility in their minds.

AccessiBe – Know where to find accessible sites

This means there are just about 2,50,000 websites out of the total number of sites in the USA accessible to everyone, including those with physical disabilities. Although this number is minimum when you compare it to the total number of sites, there is a massive amount of information sites, eCommerce stores, and other useful services that are not accessible to people with disabilities.

AccessiBe is a market leader when it comes to web accessibility and compliance for businesses. It is a tool that helps companies save both money and time for fixing issues pertaining to the above. It has the sole goal to increase the number of accessible sites and help business owners save money when it comes to making site adjustments.

Save precious time and money

This innovative tool is equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning for helping business owners instantly fix web accessibility and compliance issues and keep costly lawsuits away. Earlier in the past, business owners had to resort to manual processes that were quite expensive for them to fix compliance and accessibility issues. At the same time, the Company behind the creation of this innovative tool has launched a unique search engine called accessFind, to help people with disabilities to search for accessible websites online.

Accessing and how does it work?

There are very few accessible sites online, so the odds of finding one in a particular search on the Internet are very low. There are only eight to about ten pages that are displayed on the first results search, and most of them are unlikely to be accessible sites for people with physical disabilities. This is obvious, as you can imagine that the scenario is indeed a very frustrating experience for users with disabilities.

Credible research states there are about 5.4 billion searches made online daily; however, for 1.5 billion users with disabilities across the world, this first step is practically impossible for them to take. The goal of accessFind aids people with physical disabilities to get the benefits of what the Internet has to give them.

As per the developers behind AccessiBe, accessFind is the globe’s first search engine dedicated to accessible websites. It is a consumer-centric and non-profit initiative that brings users with physical disabilities to services and goods, businesses, and much more. Thanks to this search engine, businesses are able to generate more sales and profit opportunities from users with physical disabilities in the market with success!