The Perfect Technology from Keeping Work Burnout Away from Your Employees

Work burnout is unavoidable, especially for employees with huge responsibilities on their shoulders. Stress is the number one reason, and it can negatively impact not just their work but also their overall well-being. Sometimes, a vacation is just a temporary solution to all of their problems. And once they come back to work, they will feel the same amount of tension and pressure. So the best thing to do is to find a solution that you and your employees can work on, even while they’re on the job. And one answer is called it’s mello.

Mello is a unique technology, which measures, tracks, and provides solutions to your employee’s work burnout. Its mission is to improve the overall well-being of your employees and you. By gathering data, you can understand the factors that affect your employee’s workflow. And you can take the necessary actions before they experience total burnout. Here are some other notable features of Mello. 

Scientifically-Backed Resources for Everyone

Mello works by checking in on your employees by asking questions. These questions will tell if they are close to full burnout or still in the Mello Mastery Zone. Whatever the results your employees get, they will still receive personalized resources based on that result. It will help them understand that their well-being is essential, and Mello can help bring a positive change in someone’s overall well-being.

Gain Access to Data & Insights

The data and insights you will get from Mello will help you determine not only a particular employee’s burnout score but the whole company too. You can take action on these, depending on which person or team is currently experiencing work burnout. In addition, these suggestions will help lift their spirits up and give them a break every once in a while to concentrate and relieve their stress, such as meditation, incentives, benefits, and many more. You can find all of these at Mello’s “Company Dashboard”. So use these insights to your advantage to improve your employee’s wellness. 

Make Your Employees Happy & Contented

Mello is proven to drive employee retention by two times, which involves strategic actions to keep your employees motivated without getting stressed all the time. Aside from that, it can increase their overall happiness and wellness by 25%, which is essential if you want your employees to not feel pressured all the time. Finally, it can also improve employee engagement by 25%. So if you are looking forward to these numbers rising, Mello is the ideal technology you can use. It can be integrated on Slack, but it will be available for Google, Teams, and Discord soon.