Read this to know why you should be retouching your images before posting them online:

You come across several images every day while scrolling through your newsfeed on social media apps. Almost, all of the images you see are edited to some level. It does not matter how much work you have put in while clicking the picture, there is always something which can be changed later that can hugely enhance the beauty of the image. In order to get most out of your images you need to use a good editing application. Another thing that you should keep in mind while clicking the picture is to always save it in raw format. The raw format is known to store more color information that you can later tamper, to drive the image according to your needs. You can check out various editing softwares that offer raw editing, on this link

Work as an intern to have an insight about how the industry functions:

When you are just starting out in the field of photography, you need someone who can guide you at your every step. The best way to have a mentor is to work for them, i.e. to take an internship under them. This will help you to know how professionals work in this particular field and you will get to learn what goes behind the curtain to create a pleasant looking image.

Know yourself and follow your inspiration:

When you are in the field of art, it is highly important as an artist to have great self-awareness. The more self-aware you are, the more original your work will be. The only way to stand out is to be authentic. Therefore, it is important to find a fine line between drawing inspiration from your influences and from your own self. Use your skills to have your say through a picture as you might have heard a picture says a thousand words.