Prsonal selling: top 3 tips on how to take advantage of this technique for effective company growth

It’s time to recognize the inevitable – the market is extremely competitive, so finding an alternative is not as difficult as it used to be. So, you must find new ways to reach customers and offer a product that can really come out the winner in the battle for money, for resources and for customers. You can read in detail about new trends in personal selling in the detailed instruction on such sales on the page But we’ll talk about how else you can attract customers or not lose the ones you have. Even in such a competitive world of services and offers as it is now.

Serio’s preparation and more preparation: the top 3 tips before the meeting.

Face-to-face selling requires serious preparation. It requires more than just a pressed shirt, a good suit, and a fancy tie. It’s much more complicated than that, although appearance plays no small part. Before you hold a meeting, follow three simple preparatory steps that increase the effectiveness of the in-person meeting for proposals by 50-60%:

  • think through and talk through all possible scenarios with your partner or simply someone you know, including unpleasant situations and vice versa – too loyal to be caught off guard and actively engage in dialogue;
  • don’t forget about empathy and immediately act on people’s “pain points” – children, husband/wife, protection, safety, comfort, money, health and other values important to clients;
  • the tone of voice and the words used in the communication should be combined with both the proposal being promoted and the environment and opportunities – this is already intuitive, but you need to practice saying the right things all the time.

When going to a meeting, a company representative should be prepared and do some “scouting” of the potential customer. If a person has agreed to a meeting, he most likely already has some knowledge of the product or service. Therefore, one should be prepared for complex rather than general questions.

That’s why it’s necessary to thoroughly research the potential customer and his or her lead generation data. For example, answers to questions such as:

  • how did he or she learn about the product?
  • who recommended the product/service and why;
  • did he/she react to a specific promotion?
  • was he previously a customer of the company, and for what reason did he refuse to buy, and today he wants to buy the product again?

This information will be very useful for dialogue and effective strategies for selling products and services in any area of personal sales.