How to Recover Deleted Notes on Mac for Free?

With all the technological developments, free mac data recovery is a piece of cake for the Mac users in the present era. One way or the other, the data such as notes lost due to logical damage could be easily recovered without any external help. The storage devices and the computer systems come with in-built aids for lost data recovery and creation of backups. Although physical data damage would require the help of technicians, logical data damage could be easily held at home.

What Is Logical Data Damage?

Logical data damage is the loss of data due to various causes which are related to the software of the computer system. This data damage doesn’t mean that the data is lost but it merely becomes inaccessible to the user. Below are mentioned the main and common reasons for logical data damage:

  • Power Outage: In case the power fails turning the computer system off while the data is in the middle of some process like being transferred from one drive to another, the particular data may get lost in the thin air and the user could not be able to locate it.
  • Power Surge: Power surge is the increase and decrease of the power while the computer system is connected to it. Including results like power outage, this also corrupts and damages the files in use.
  • Driver Problems: The drivers of a computer system are responsible for creating communication between the system and the hard disk drive. When there is an issue in these drivers, the communication breaks resulting in damaging the data on the hard disk drive.
  • System Crash: A system crash is a situation where the software of the computer system fails and shuts down. This abrupt shutting down of the software damages the files and their extensions.
  • Deletion: One of the very common human mistakes is accidental deletion of the data. The user might mistake a file for another and delete the useful file.
  • Corruption: An error occurred in a data during writing, reading, storage, transmission, or processing of the data is called corruption which results in unintended changes in the extensions of the files.
  • Formatting: Formatting is a process of resetting the hard disk drive for saving fresh data. Accidental formatting may delete the data already existing on the hard disk drive.
  • Virus Attack: Virus and malware attacks are the most common ways to lose data on the hard disk drive. They intrude into the system damaging whatever files they could get into.

How To Recover Deleted Notes On Mac For Free?

When the notes on Mac are deleted accidentally, they could be recovered using either of the three methods mentioned below. Let us look at each one of those one by one:

METHOD 1: Recover The Notes From The Trash

When the data is deleted from the Mac computer system, it goes into the Trash folder and stays there for another 30 days. So, the notes could be easily recovered from Mac Trash by navigating to them and selecting the option saying ‘Put Back.’

However, if the data is deleted using ‘Command + Shift + Delete’ instead of ‘Command + Delete,’ then the data will skip the Trash folder and get deleted permanently.

METHOD 2: Recover The Notes From The Time Machine Application

Time Machine Application is a built-in data backup system offered by Apple in all of its computer systems. The user can recover the deleted notes from the Time Machine application even if they were deleted a few months back as the application keeps all the backups.

However, if the Time Machine application was not set up at the time of the deletion of the notes, it would not be possible to recover them later.

METHOD 3: Recover The Notes Using A Third Party Software

Stellar has released a software by the name Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac which is totally free of any cost. The user can use this free software to recover data upto 1 GB which could include any kind of documents, emails, word files, notes, photos, videos, etc. Once this 1 GB limit has been exhausted, the user can purchase one of the three variants offered by the company suiting their need at very nominal rates.


Data recovery is a vital service which should be offered to each one of the computer users and that is why Stellar is taking this initiative to bring free data recovery software. This revolutionary step will help this service to reach each member of the digital world and contribute to the growth of the same.