Cleaner – Best Android junk Cleaner

Do you know what a phone cleaner exactly does? Well, a phone cleaner does a lot more than you think. It removes unwanted and unused files, clears cache, junk files, removes unnecessary space, manages files by optimizing, and many more. Well, that’s what a phone cleaner does. So now, let’s get to the point. This app named ‘Cleaner’ is a free Phone cleaning application installed on your phone. It bears many quality features that should have in a phone cleaner. It is offered by Stolitomson and has officially released on 20th December 2019. With its latest version, it has updated many things and has added some new content too. Let’s get to the features.

Key Features of Cleaner

Clear junk files and cache: It is obvious that the junk files eat your space. This feature lets you clear up all the unwanted applications, junk files, cache files, obsolete data, residual files, clipboard content and reduce more space than before. It all requires a single tap.

Memory Boost function: The heavy processes with applications you work with slow down your phone and decrease performance, so the phone lags. Cleaner frees up memory by deleting unwanted processes, unused files, free up the RAM, and speed up the device.

File Manager (including apps and images): This function is quite helpful. It checks and selects certain apps which are less needed (so you can uninstall them on your own) and free up the device storage for more important files and applications. Moreover, Cleaner considers the photo gallery and analyzes and separates the pictures into different albums. This helps the users to check the photos which are similar and delete them to reduce some space.

Battery Saver: A battery saver is one of the key functions of a Cleaner. This is quite important since the users become uncomfortable when their batteries drain fast. Cleaner gives the perfect solution by detecting applications and files that consume more battery power and close all the unused files and applications running in the background.

Easy Use: The file manager also helps you manage your phone’s space by transferring your files into One Drive or DropBox. You can save your disc space by moving them. 

Cooler: Cooler helps you lower the temperature of your phone by reducing the apps running in your background unnecessarily. This enables it to both cool the phone and saves space.

Other: You can also share music and videos with your friends. Along with that, you can view your phone details on a smart TV by just connecting it to Wi-Fi.


Besides the special tasks, Cleaner also provides a set of beautiful and unique wallpapers. They are high-quality, 4K wallpapers that can be allocated to every smartphone. The cleaner is a great application that will lead your phone to a good condition. So, give it a try!

You can download this cleaner app directly from AC Market. AC Market is the largest Android app store with moded apps, pre released apps, games and more. You will find many rare Android applications that are removed from play store. Click here for how to install AC Market.