Choosing the Right WordPress Hosting Plan is Easier Than Ever Before


WordPress is a popular tool for people looking to create websites. It is so popular that 14.7% of the top 100 websites in the world are WordPress sites. More than 500 new WordPress sites are built every day. If you have a WordPress website and are confused between the various WordPress plans, do not fret. Choosing the right WordPress plan is easier than you think.


How to Choose the Right WordPress Plan?

Before choosing a WordPress plan, here are some questions to address:

  • How many WordPress websites do you wish to host? The most common parameter differentiating various WordPress plans is the number of websites you can host. If you have only one corporate site or blog, you can consider the most basic plan. However, if your company has a number of different websites or you are a web development agency looking to provide hosting solutions to your clients, you can choose from among the more advanced plans.


  • What is your space requirement? If your website will be light, with limited functionalities, like maybe only a contact form, you do not need much space. However, if you have an ecommerce website that is expected to attract a lot of concurrent visitors or you will have storage demanding content like videos or music, you need to check the storage offered in each plan. You can choose a plan that offers unlimited storage as this guarantees smooth functioning even as your online business and content grows.



  • How many parked domains do you need? Parked domain is an alternative domain name that directs to your website. This protects your brand name, decreases the chances of users going to some other website by mistyping your domain name, and increases the chances of users who don’t exactly remember your domain name coming to your website. If you are a small business, you won’t need a lot of parked domains. But consider this parameter if you are a large or fast-growing enterprise, as it’ll help establish your business.



  • How many subdomains do you need? Subdomains are different parts of a website that operate differently for different purposes. For example, a tech support page which looks like “”. The number of subdomains offered by web hosting plans differ from host to host. Carefully considering this will help in making a better choice.


Answers to these questions will guide you to choosing the best WordPress plan suited to your needs. However, the following are some important features to look for that will help you take a more informed decision:


  • Backups. This is important as it can help recover your website in case of a crash. Upgrade your plan to ensure your site and data stored do not suffer even in case of a cyberattack. 
  • Database. Does your plan include an SQL database to store user information? If yes, how big is the database? If you are an ecommerce site, an email service, or any other service which relies heavily on user data, it is a good idea to choose a plan that offers an unlimited database.
  • Malware scans. An important feature to protect your website from malicious content. 
  • Domain name and SSL certificate. These two are important features for any website. Domain name is the identity of your brand and the SSL certificate is a security proof that adds to your credibility, building trust among users of your website.


  • Cost. Your budget and the cost of the plan plays an important role, as this must fit your budget.

Choosing the right WordPress plan is a lot about recognizing your brand and company needs. Once you have a clear idea of what you need, choosing from among the various plans becomes a lot easier.