Buying Used iPhone? Is there an Alternative?

Here are few things to know about buying a used Apple iPhone. Many people decide to buy used phones and Apple accessories (อุปกรณ์เสริม Apple, term in Thai) due to cheaper price. But there is always a better alternative for all apple accessories (อุปกรณ์เสริม Apple ครบทุกอย่าง , term in Thai) than buying 2nd hand. 

Touch Test

Next, check to see if the screen and physical keys are both functional. Ask the vendor to tap each physical button while seeing the iPhone response in real time. Then request a demonstration of the fundamental iPhone hand motions, including swiping, zooming, and tapping. The Home button and Touch ID button on several older iPhones frequently experience issues. 

Speaker test

Some of the most frequent signs of a water-damaged iPhone include defective speakers. This is one of the most crucial things to examine before purchasing a used iPhone because the damage is frequently hidden inside the device and not always visible. Have the online merchant turn the iPhone up to maximum volume to check the speaker’s condition. Then, make a brief outgoing call or text to see if the sound is static-free. As an alternative, you might request that they play music while you take the test and control the volume.

Test for microphone

If you were unsure of what else to look for when purchasing a secondhand iPhone, the microphone should unquestionably be checked. For all, taking calls relies heavily on the microphone. Like the speakers, it is impossible to tell if a microphone is defective based solely on appearance. You must thus request a use demonstration from the supplier.

Port Inspections

iPhones are vulnerable to water and dust damage due to their numerous open ports, especially earlier models. Although having an IP68 classification for water and dust resistance, the iPhone’s protection is not impermanent. Ask the seller to evaluate the ports by plugging in wired headphones through the headphone jack and charging with a chord, if necessary.

Battery test

Batteries are frequently some of the most frequently damaged components in electronic devices. Bad charging habits and everyday usage can both shorten battery life. It is crucial to realize that every rechargeable battery has a finite lifespan.

Apple claims that after 500 full charge cycles, iPhone batteries should still have up to 80% of their original capacity. Defective batteries can be replaced for no cost if the iPhone is still covered under warranty. 

Alternatives to Online Used iPhone Purchases

Be especially cautious before paying the seller if you are hoping to get a great price on a used iPhone. Even though Apple products can survive for years, many iPhone customers don’t treat their gadgets with the utmost care or prudence.

You should, whenever possible, choose to buy used gadgets that you have physically examined and evaluated. This will lessen the possibility of a bait and switch and may also lessen potential shipping damages.

You have the option to buy refurbished iPhones straight from Apple at discounted pricing. You will know your new gadget has been thoroughly inspected before it gets to you and that it comes with an Apple guarantee.