4 Bestselling Lightning Chargers – The Features that Make Them So Popular 

Lightning chargers are the next-generation chargers that offer super-fast charging so you don’t have to wait for hours before you can use your phone. Some such lightning chargers that offer much more than just quick charging have been listed below. Dive in and explore the amazing features.

  1. Mcdodo Automatic Disconnect Lightning-fast Charger with Breathing LED  

This is one of the highest-rated lightning chargers since the manufacturers have built it with an auto-disconnect command. So, once the battery of the phone is 100%, the charger stops charging. The wonderful benefit of this feature is that the phone doesn’t overheat. As a result, the battery isn’t just protected but its life is prolonged too. 

The cable is made of industrial-grade nylon and zinc braided together for extra toughness against breaking. It’s a long-lasting charger incorporated with a halo LED light in the background that enables the users to easily check the battery status. 

  1. McDodo 90 Degree Lightning for Apple iPhone

This is the second most talked about and purchased chargers. The reasons that customers trust this charger much more than the original chargers by Apple are as follows. 

  1. Its connector is fitted at an angle of 90°.
  2. When the connector is attached to the phone, it makes an angle of 90°. Hence, the wire doesn’t get in the way no matter which direction you hold the phone from. 

Needless to say that it offers super-fast charging too. Besides, the fit of the connector with the port is perfect. Hence, no damage is done to the phone’s port while putting the charger inside the port and taking it off. 

  1. Mcdodo USB HDMI 4K for iPhone

Streaming from your iPhone to a smart TV will be no less than a dream with this cable since it keeps the audio and video free from distortion while the signal is being transferred. It means that the quality of the audio and video doesn’t degrade since the cable keeps it protected from noise. 

  1. The 4-in-1 Fast Charging Data Cable by McDodo

Instead of buying many charging cables for your devices, you can buy just this one since it can charge 4 devices at once. The wire allows a high-speed current of 3A to pass along its length. Hence, all the devices are charged very quickly. 

The above-mentioned 4 chargers are ideal options. You can also visit the Mcdodo website to explore more products.