How private messages give you control over your private communications?

Private messages give you greater control over your private communications. Your private messages are private, so you determine who can view them and for how long. With this feature, you can protect sensitive information that you wish to share with others privately.

An individual message is a form of communication where only the sender and recipient can access its contents. Many digital platforms allow private messages, including email, messaging apps, and social media. With this, you can have confidential conversations without sharing your content with others. Private messages differ from other messaging methods in two key ways:

  • Restricted access – Only specific people you choose view private message content. This is unlike public posts that anyone sees.
  • Ephemerality – Some private messaging apps let you limit how long messages last. Once expired, the message is automatically deleted.

These two factors give you more control over your communications.

Why private messages give you more control?

There are several reasons why private messages provide more control compared to other communication methods:

  1. You choose who receives and views your messages

With private messaging, you get to pick who is included in the conversation. You have one-on-one chats or group messages with only selected people. This prevents your messages from being widely disseminated. Public posts on social media or discussion forums are viewable to all who visit that platform. Private messages let you narrow down the audience.

  1. You limit how long messages are available

Some private messaging apps have features that allow you to set expiration time limits on messages. For example, with PrivNote, your messages disappear after they are viewed.  Setting message expiration gives you more power over how long sensitive information is accessible. Once expired, messages are automatically deleted from the app’s servers. Public posts tend to persist indefinitely unless you go back and manually delete them. Private messaging helps you control the longevity of your conversations.

  1. You shield conversations from public visibility

With private messaging, the content is not publicly visible or searchable. Your conversations happen out of the public eye. Public posts turn up in searches and be viewed by anyone. Private messaging allows you to have conversations off the record. To learn more about private message, visit

  1. You have more flexibility to discuss sensitive topics

The restricted audience and private nature of these messages provide a safer space to discuss sensitive subjects. You don’t have to worry about who might see the messages or how they could be perceived publicly. With public communication, you may self-censor when discussing controversial issues. Private messaging gives you more freedom and flexibility to have open conversations.

  1. You better manage unintended audiences

Private messages have less risk of unintended audiences seeing your content. Since you directly choose who receives access, there is less potential for messages to be forwarded or seen by others unexpectedly. With public posts, you lose control of who ends up viewing your content. It could be circulated beyond your intended audience. Private messaging reduces this risk.