Month: <span>March 2022</span>

Things to Keep In Mind for Disability Insurance before Buying

Hardly anyone thinks of getting old, disabled and injured in his or her lifetime. When insurance companies keep calling to sell their products, we tend to ignore their calls and even put our number on the Do Not Call list. Buying disability insurance can save the life of your family members when you are unable […]Read More

Understanding the Web Accessibility Gap with AccessiBe

As per reports released by the CDC, there is one in every four adults has some form of physical disability. This implies that 20% of the total population cannot access about 98% of the USA’s total 350 million active business websites. This disproportion is called the “web accessibility gap.” More inaccessible sites are made daily, […]Read More

How to Implement Electronic Signature Software Into Your Business

Electronic signatures are becoming more and more commonplace in every industry, and for good reason. Electronic signatures allow documents to be signed electronically with just a few clicks of a button and without the use of paper. However, there are some challenges to making this technology work successfully. These challenges should not discourage you from […]Read More