Month: <span>December 2021</span>

What Should be the Ideal Length of a Blog Post

The length of the blog plays a vital role in determining the SEO ranking. An inappropriate blog length will not help you get better visibility based on SEO algorithms. Many factors complement the length of the blog, like the use of keywords, the frequency of those keywords, how many times those keywords have been searched […]Read More

What are Social Listening Tools and Their Importance in Your

Social media has fundamentally changed the way people communicate and interact with others. Social listening tools can help marketers, and other professionals better understand their audiences, reach them where they’re most engaged, and deliver better customer experiences. What are Social Listening Tools? Social listening tools are technology platforms that aggregate and analyze the billions of […]Read More

What is the future of azure iot hub

Azure IoT Hub is Microsoft’s version of an IoT hub. It is a much more improved version of the MQTT server, in which there is no closed source, but instead open source. The benefit of this is that full support and updates are coming to the application. If a device has a problem connecting to the […]Read More

‘Stronger’ Strong Customer Authentication Boosts Fraud Prevention

‘Stronger’ Strong Customer Authentication Boosts Fraud Prevention     When the pandemic started, people were forced to stay at their homes. No one was allowed to remain outside, whether for leisure or work. Companies that were deemed unessential were also mandated to close down. But around the second half of 2020, people have grown accustomed […]Read More